About Us


The Stones River Watershed Association was founded in April of 2003 at an initial meeting of about 25 people who shared an interest in water quality, wetlands, environmental education and water-based recreation. The organization was created by transforming and renaming the Black Fox Wetlands League, which had formed in 1990 to protect a single small water resource.

Since its founding, the SRWA has concentrated on building partnerships with public agencies and related non-profit organizations that share a commitment to water resource protection, fostering public interest in recreational use of our rivers, collaborating with schools and teachers in delivering quality environmental education, developing expertise in the assessment and restoration of river corridors, and networking with sister organizations in other watersheds.

Among its notable achievements are the creation of annual Boat Day events to introduce families to paddling, and the founding of the Watershed Summit on Short Mountain, a gathering of watershed activists from the mid-state area.

The SRWA goals:

  • to protect the streams, rivers, creeks, springs and wetlands comprising the Stones River watershed of Middle Tennessee for the benefit of the public and the welfare of the general environment;
  • to advance public awareness of the importance of the Stones River, its tributaries and associated wetlands for water supply, recreation, flood control, wildlife habitat, agriculture and other purposes;
  • to promote responsible stewardship of private and public lands in the watershed as a means of improving water quality in the Stones River and its tributaries;
  • to increase public access to rivers and streams for low-impact recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating;
  • to encourage the preservation of natural and historic resources associated with the Stones River and its tributaries;
  • and to provide educational opportunities, including water-based outdoor activities, for students, youth groups and the general public.